I deeply and humbly apologize to anyone who was hurt by a story I posted a few days ago-which has been removed.  My words were misunderstood and misconstrued by some.  I never write anything, or do anything, with the intention of causing pain to another person.  If you truly know me, then you know this to be true.  I will be removing the Facebook connection to my blog.  If you wish, you can subscribe to thepsychomother.com through WordPress.  

11 thoughts on “Apology 

  1. I think you know me well enough to know that nothing you could say could offend me, except for that one time when you said my head looked like a goiter growing up out of my neck. Still stings a little…..

  2. I love reading your blog! It is entertaining, thoughtful and real life! I love and appreciate your honesty! Keep doing what you are doing!!

  3. People are LOOKING for ways to take offense, and then scream that you breathed their air. I guess that negates any responsibility they have for their actions. 🙄 The problem is theirs.

    Dust it off and keep going!

  4. Subscribing now. Your blog is one that I sooooooooo easily relate to. No idea how any of your musings could offend anyone. I guess they were just looking to get offended.

  5. Oh Jennifer, I’d be honored to have me pop up in a post!! I thoroughly enjoy the honest, humorous, love and plain truth you offer, because, well, that’s what makes you…the ‘psychomother’ and friend that we love! I’ve never read anything on your blog that I ‘gasped’ when reading!!! We love ❤️ you and please, please don’t change or hold back, in your blog! If you did, you’d probably fizzle out, as many blogs have!!

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