The Santa Photo

The Santa Photo is the single most important of my holiday traditions.  It is the one that I started when Mini Me was a baby, and it has happened every single year, henceforth.   Mini Me has asked for a stopping point, seeing as though he is 17 years old.  My answer was a bit vague....The Baby is only 7.  I am …

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Two Jack’s and a Jen (Conclusion of The Contest)

Mini Me and I flew back to Atlanta from Boston on Saturday, August 8, to get ready to leave for Nashville the next day.....

The Contest (Part 1 of 2)

In August I entered a contest. I never win anything, but the minute I hit the "send" button, I knew I had won.


Yesterday, The Middle Child auditioned for musical.  I think that sentence should have read: Yesterday, The Middle Child auditioned for the musical.  The spring performance at The Middle Child's school (and also that of Mini Me) is always a musical, and is simply referred to as musical until they (whoever they are) decide which musical …

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Mini Me is Surely Gonna Be the Death O’ Me ;)

I am writing today with a very heavy heart.  My dear, dear Mini Me is very ill.  He is suffering from a terrible case of what is known is Senioritis, and he has one of the worst cases I have ever seen.  Senioritis causes its victims to not want to do things like their school …

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