Sorry, Brother ;)

I picked The Baby up from school today for the first time since my foot surgery (November 28).  He was having a friend come home with him to work on a project.  As we were driving up the road, The Baby started telling his friend about my brother and his dogs.  I knew that this …

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Freddie Mercury Makes Me Cry

"I won't be a rock star. ¬†I will be a legend." ¬† Freddie Mercury ¬† Mini Me goes to school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Long ago, when we were just visiting and falling in love with Nashville, we fell in love with a great little shop called Two Old Hippies. ¬†We shop there …

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Christmas 1973

There are no words to describe the love that I feel when I look at this old, decaying Polaroid.  None. Christmas 1973.  Five people who know they can count on each other today, 45 years later.

Mini Me Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I know¬†why it happens the way it does. ¬†It is so it doesn't break a Mama's heart into a million kazillion pieces all at once-never to be put back together again. ¬†Don't get me wrong, ¬†it did¬†break this Mama's heart, but I learned to live with it. ¬†The day we took Mini Me to Belmont …

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From Zero to Piedmont Park in 5 Days

This was my third kid and I had never taught anyone how to ride a bike. ¬†How had that happened? ¬†I don't remember who taught Mini Me how to ride a bike, but I remember that he was riding, sans training wheels, at age 4, barefoot, and slinging his lightening bolt-paint-job-bicycle in neighbors' yards up …

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In the Gutter

I am re-screening our screened porch - because I know how, and because it needs it badly. ¬†Today, I set out early. ¬†I am beginning to put up the new screen, and that is exciting to me. ¬†Unfortunately, I got a little side tracked. ¬†I had been toying with what to do with the gutter …

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I grew up with a guy named Joe. We had Art class together. ¬†He was younger than I was. ¬†He was cute. ¬†We were both shy. Our relationship was never like that. ¬†Artists have a way of being able to connect with each other when they cannot connect with others. ¬†Joe's sister, Tracy, was in …

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