It WAS All Good.

Nothing was going to keep me away, and I. Meant. NOTHING. I had been looking forward to this blessed event for several months. I did not care what happened, I was going. My brother and sister in law joined us. The Middle Child and The Baby were perfectly fine, staying at home and babysitting the …

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Most people who really know me, know that I have a great love for shoes. Unfortunately, my great love for shoes does not span far and wide and it does not include any and all shoes. I will admit that I am a bit of a shoe snob; however, I do have limits. I absolutely …

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Old Me

How is it that, no matter who you morph into over time, one of your kids ends up being the exact old you? I am talking about the old you that you wouldn't wish upon anyone. The old you who did not think about anybody else but yourself. The old you who would do the …

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I Promise Not To….

Today I was reminded of something funny. I had to email the principal of The Middle Child's school (who was also the principal of Mini Me's school) to let her know that The Middle Child will miss the entire first week of school in August because she will be finishing up the Berklee School of …

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Was Cool Once.

I'm a legend in my own mind, of course. Isn't everyone? I am not enjoying the aging process. I need to lose 30 pounds. My estrogen is high. My thyroid meds were askew. My foot still hurts. The only thing I've got going on right now is that I was cool once. I think. Maybe …

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Where the Woozle Wasn’t

We took the kids to NYC in the fall. The Middle Child wants to go to NYU and wanted to do a college visit. The boys had never been to NYC. We decided to make a fun, long weekend out of it. We stayed with old friends in Pelham and took the train into the …

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In Defense of a Family

*I apologize for the length of this post; however, every word in this piece needs to be said.  Thank you for reading.   On November 12, 2018, a P.E. teacher lost his temper and sent a 10 year old boy outside of the gym, literally outside of the building.  It was 41 degrees.  In case …

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Sorry, Brother ;)

I picked The Baby up from school today for the first time since my foot surgery (November 28).  He was having a friend come home with him to work on a project.  As we were driving up the road, The Baby started telling his friend about my brother and his dogs.  I knew that this …

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Freddie Mercury Makes Me Cry

"I won't be a rock star.  I will be a legend."   Freddie Mercury   Mini Me goes to school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Long ago, when we were just visiting and falling in love with Nashville, we fell in love with a great little shop called Two Old Hippies.  We shop there …

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Christmas 1973

There are no words to describe the love that I feel when I look at this old, decaying Polaroid.  None. Christmas 1973.  Five people who know they can count on each other today, 45 years later.