Ode to Prince

It seems like every entertainer who is worth a damn is dying during my lifetime.  I'm quite sure I will leave some very important people off the list, but I can think of Merle Haggard, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Ritter, Heath Ledger, James Gandolfini, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, and now...Prince.  Prince? …

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Just Livin’ the Dream….

To say that I have been in a funk is an understatement. Mostly it has been a Homeowner's Funk, as you will read here shortly.... I hate not having time to sit and write.  I have lots of material--good LORD, don't ever worry about that! It's just that sometimes the stuff I want to write about may be …

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Change Something. I Dare You.

If you do not like something about your life, don't sit around, waiting for your life to change....Get off your ass and CHANGE your life!    I think there is a joke that goes something like this:  There was this guy and his town was flooding. He decided that his faith in God was going to save him.  All …

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