Fifth Grade Cynic

I have been a cynic since the fifth grade.  In my opinion, I'm lucky I made it that far. I can pinpoint the exact moment that my life changed for the worse.  It was going so well.   We lived in a nice neighborhood.  We had a pool at our house.  We had a sauna in our …

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Heartsick, With A Month To Go…

Wednesday, it will be a mere month away. We will take Mini Me to college on August 20. Part of me would like to lock him in the dog crate. He would fit.

Click/Boom, Then IT Happened…HAMILTON!

I took my 15 year old daughter to NYC to try to get Hamilton tickets 1 week before the original cast was leaving the show. We slept in the cancellation line for two days...we got in the matinee on the third day....this is our adventure!

Good Morning from Hamilcamp! #ATL2Lin_Manuel

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday, and that means it's Ham for Ham day. This is when part of the cast of Hamilton comes out and does a little skit and there is a live lottery for matinee tickets. I'm told it is a complete and total clusterfuck, with about 3,000 people out here in front …

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Wait For It, Wait For It #ATL2Lin_Manuel

1:30pm update....Mack daddy battery pack decided to work again! The day is looking up! I sent The Middle Child to Starbucks when my lack-of-caffeine headache got unbearable.  They accidentally gave us venti frappucinos, but charged us for grande. Most people would be thrilled at this mistake, but I hate it when they do this! I …

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Good morning from the Big Apple! I must say that The Middle Child and I did just fine for Day 1 of Hamilcamp. Let me explain how it all works at night. If your place in line lands you outside the overhang of the Richard Rodgers Theater awning, which ours does, you go across the street …

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Affair in Times Square #ATL2Lin_Manuel

Time for an update! I know you have been waiting with bated breath! 😂 The Middle Child and I have now been sitting on sleeping bags on top of the sidewalk in front of the Richard Rodgers Theater for about 8 hours. I'm not gonna lie. It's not fabulous. I should tell you that where …

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We Will Wait For It…Wait For It…Wait For It….

A Hamilton ticket, that is! One of my BFF's just sent me a text message that said, Who the hell is HAMILTON??? I had to laugh. Out loud. I knew she must have seen on Facebook that The Middle Child and I are in NYC, camping out on the sidewalk, waiting for any cancellation tickets …

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Party Like it’s 1776

We are on the plane. The plane of no frills. This is totally fine with me, though I must admit I have never flown on a plane where I had to pay for coffee!


My family just so happens to have these gorgeous cups and saucers that were made especially for Lafayette's second visit to the United States...