TESTING 1.2.3.

It's Testing Time at school.  Georgia Milestones.  Honestly, I have not really given much thought to testing until now--now that I am smack dab in the middle of it, proctoring a classroom and seeing how it all goes down.  My school has it down to fine art--like a well oiled machine (for the most part).  Our principal has …

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Road Rage: Get Out Da Way

I have heard some call it The Armageddon of the Highways, in jest, and others are serious when they say it.   One thing is for certain: Atlantans only thought traffic was bad before March 30, that fateful day that I-85 caught fire and part of it burned down. The week after Spring Break, we had some more road problems. …

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

I was not exactly sure what I should wear to Road Atlanta, where I was going to watch my brother race motorcycles...I soon found out that I needn't have worried about that!

Gone Psycho. Be Right Back. ;)

I feel as though my head may explode right off of my neck.  I have a lot going on. I will not list off all of my current life/stress situations for you, as I see that as nothing but complaining. I will say that I have a GOOD Stress List and a BAD Stress List. Number one on …

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It's the worst sort of 'blockage'. Okay, so maybe not the worst. LOL.  I surely can think of at least one other blockage that would be far worse, but this one is, at least.... bad ...enough ? I have had WRITER'S BLOCK (WB) for about three months now!  I am not talking about 'just a little bit' of WB, where I can at least think of a topic or two....I am talking serious, …

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