La Mère du Psycho: Break on Through

I had visited the grave of Jim Morrison on my first trip to Paris, 23 years ago. I had no idea that this time, I would be jumping a barricade to visit him again....


Elvis Has Left the Building

We had to be at Belmont the next morning at a specified time. I can no longer remember what that specified time was, but sure as hell, we were running late.

Fifth Grade Cynic

I have been a cynic since the fifth grade.  In my opinion, I'm lucky I made it that far. I can pinpoint the exact moment that my life changed for the worse.  It was going so well.   We lived in a nice neighborhood.  We had a pool at our house.  We had a sauna in our …

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Bad Ass Certification Complete

  Yesterday, my husband had our car.  We are about to buy another car. That, in and of itself,  is a long story that I will not bore you with.  Let's just leave it at: yesterday, I was at home without a car. Yes,  I could have called a friend to take me, yet again, …

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Out of the Mouths of Babes: My First Time Speaking As A Writer/Blogger

It was a momentous day in my career as a writer, as that is what I call what I do, as opposed to being just a blogger.  Bloggers are writers!  We are writers who blog our writings. Anyway, back to my momentous day.... I was asked to come speak to The Baby's second grade class about creative writing and about writing my blog!  I was so excited. …

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