The Psycho Mother Rants about The Truth and Skittle Parties

The Psycho Mother rants about The Truth, and how nobody wants to hear It. She also explains what a Skittle Party is.



Many years ago, as in about 45 years ago, my Mothah gave my father a Valentine.  It was a pair of red, nylon boxer shorts.  It was a joke.  He never even had them on his body-not even once-because I, the one year old, snagged them and held on to them, well, for the better part …

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Bad Ass Certification Complete

  Yesterday, my husband had our car.  We are about to buy another car. That, in and of itself,  is a long story that I will not bore you with.  Let's just leave it at: yesterday, I was at home without a car. Yes,  I could have called a friend to take me, yet again, …

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