Mama Has A Rap Sheet

So...about 3 or 4 months ago, I had to go have a background check for a job that I worked in early June.  I taught at a camp for a friend of mine at her art studio.  I considered this background check to be somewhat of a pain in the ass, but I understood completely …

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The Middle Child, Mothah, Phyllis, Daddy, Toni, and I Take Manhattan ;)

  It was quite a thrill to see and hear my own child, The Middle Child,  sing on stage, on the stage,  at Carnegie Hall. The Carnegie Hall. The one in New York City.  Who actually gets to do that? It's something most people don't even dare to dream of doing--simply because it seems so ridiculously unattainable.  The Middle Child just completed her sixth …

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Steam Shower Torture Chamber

I went to my Daddy and (his fianceé) Toni's farm on Saturday to spend the night--for Father's Day.  I was amused as I drove up the driveway, to see my (city-boy, still working everyday, architect, age 71) Daddy in overalls and a long sleeved tee shirt, with a big straw hat on, driving a big, …

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The Baby Conquers Lake Lanier

The Baby. The third child.  I have failed him miserably.  I knew this when we went to Disney last fall.  The poor thing knew who Mickey Mouse was, but had not a clue who any of the other Disney characters were! He had never heard of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I think he had heard …

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Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence….

Since 20 years was a big anniversary, we decided we needed to celebrate big...