Won’t Start a Fight (Ha!) And I’m Not Your Captive, Turn Me Loose Tonight Cause I’m Radioactive…Radioactive….The C Word Part II

I was getting bombarded with a lot of technical information...all I could hear was "Cancer".....


The C Word part 1

...I was not a team player. Never have been a team player. I don't really like teams. I don't care for team work. I prefer to work alone, or maybe with one or two other people...


Talkin’ Bout the Car Wash…yeah yeah yeah yeah

  My stepsisters came to stay with us every other weekend, and it was something I had grown to look forward to.  I had lived for 15 years with only a brother, and found that I really liked these stepsisters  a lot--in fact, I grew to love them a lot over the years.  One of …

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