New Old Student

I know this will come as a shock, but I am going back to school! Again! THIS TIME, I am GOING to finish WHAT I started (an English degree, now with an emphasis on Creative Writing), WHERE I started it (The University of Georgia).  I am very excited!  I get more excited when I get …

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Old Me

How is it that, no matter who you morph into over time, one of your kids ends up being the exact old you? I am talking about the old you that you wouldn't wish upon anyone. The old you who did not think about anybody else but yourself. The old you who would do the …

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Elvis Has Left the Building

We had to be at Belmont the next morning at a specified time. I can no longer remember what that specified time was, but sure as hell, we were running late.

Mini Me is Surely Gonna Be the Death O’ Me ;)

I am writing today with a very heavy heart.  My dear, dear Mini Me is very ill.  He is suffering from a terrible case of what is known is Senioritis, and he has one of the worst cases I have ever seen.  Senioritis causes its victims to not want to do things like their school …

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Sometimes, There Is Just No Good Reason To Say “No”

**This post contains language that some may find offensive.  If the F-Bomb offends you, please exit immediately, and never, ever return.  You have been warned, fair and square. Thank you. Last Friday, we allowed what some might deem the unallowable to happen.  We allowed Mini Me to drive my car, by himself,  to Murfreesboro, TN, to …

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