Mini Me and The Middle Child’s Cover of Trey Anastasio’s Cover of “Clint Eastwood” By The Gorillaz ;)

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Mini Me and The Middle Child decided to perform in their school’s Talent Show¬†together this year. ¬†This would be their¬†only¬†opportunity to do so, with Mini Me graduating this year and The Middle Child, only an eighth grader. ¬†To say that I was¬†elated¬†was an understatement. ¬†I will admit to some sicko fantasies of a Partridge Family-esque lifestyle for our family. ¬†I could damn sure see myself driving a hipped out school bus, though it would only need to be a¬†short bus, seeing as though we only have¬†three kids…but that did not bother me. ¬†So, after Mini Me and The Middle Child signed up, I thought they¬†must¬†know what they were going to¬†do. ¬†About a week before the Talent Show, Mothah texted me to let me know that she and their Cousin-Uncle Clint (No, he is not¬†both their cousin and uncle. ¬†I call him that because he is¬†my¬†first cousin, but we are as close as brother and sister, so he is more like¬†their¬†uncle) would be coming to see them perform. ¬†This led to my finding out that there was not yet a plan. ¬†No act. ¬†No song. ¬†No nothing. ¬†Mini Me and The Middle Child had not planned shit. ¬†This,¬†of course, led to lots of screaming, stomping, slamming of doors, and even some crying, and crying by anyone other than¬†me¬†is actually quite rare around here. ¬†It also led to Mini Me announcing, quite immaturely, that he was no longer going to perform with The Middle Child. This led to me, quite equally immaturely, announcing that oh hell to the yes he was, whether he wanted to or not. ¬†Needless to say, it was a rather grim evening. ¬†In the end, Mini Me and The Middle Child worked it out between themselves and picked out a song. ¬†Cousin-Uncle Clint took ill and was unable to join us. ¬†The day of the show, Mini Me forgot his pants, his shirt, a pedal and a cable–this was not a surprise. ¬†They were third in the line-up. ¬†Our family took up almost an entire row. ¬†I had been receiving text messages all day long from both of them–complaining about the other. ¬†With all of the fighting that had gone on all week, honestly, I was not expecting much, but they are both pretty good at what they do, so I knew they¬†would¬†pull it off. ¬†The curtain opened. ¬†The audience was cheering. ¬†The song began. ¬†¬†This¬†was¬†not¬†the song they had been practicing. ¬†They had totally changed it at the last minute. ¬†¬†I had a death grip on my seat until they were finished. ¬† ¬†They took home second place. ¬†Bravo Mini Me and The Middle Child!

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