The Impossible Winner….



As usual, I am more than late in completing this task…but at least I am finally getting to it! I was (and am!) very excited to have been nominated by two fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to Wendy Weir, who writes the wonderful Greater Than Gravity blog, and also thank you so much to Joanne, who writes the awesome Beyond Mummy blog! Both of these great writers nominated me, psychomother that I am, for this award!  I have been so busy with Mini Me’s college auditions and interviews, and then The Baby had an actual birthday–his birthday is February 29, so we had to celebrate big time, and well, real life just took over for a bit.

The requirements for this award are:

Thank my nominator(s).

Share the award on my blog.

State 7 things about myself.

Nominate 10 other bloggers.

Seven Facts About The Psychomother:

  1.  I appear to be extremely unorganized; however, I can find most anything anyone needs in our home at most any time.
  2. I hate going grocery shopping more than any other task that has to be done.
  3. I am extremely introverted and shy and prefer to be with a small number of people. This is often misinterpreted and people think I am a complete bitch.  I also tend to have “resting bitch face”, which does not help! 😉  I sometimes overcompensate and talk too much.
  4. I have been sober for 13.5 years. This does not help with #3 in social situations! 😉
  5. I wanted to be a movie star but could not get more than a C in drama because I was too shy to even play charades in class.
  6. I want to write a book more than anything, and I believe that I can.
  7. I am a huge Jack White fan.  You may have picked that up already if you have read The Contest (Part 1 of 2) or Two Jack’s and a Jen (Conclusion of The Contest)


The 10 Blogs that I would like to nominate for Versatile Blogger are:

Dreams Conquer All


Bringing Back The Rubies





Recorded By Rri 

Hawk’s Happenings  




I really appreciate being a winner in someone’s eyes.  Especially when I feel like an impossible winner most of the time.  So thank you again, Wendy and Joanne, for the recognition–I do so appreciate you!




I am the desert sun…the ever endless sea…Not a drop of blue or white…Is where it shouldn’t be…I’m a wheel going round…In a mirror house…A maze with no way out….What you have fears about…Holding on…To everything that’s come and gone…I need a distraction..Get me out from in-between…Everything I’ve ever seen…Don’t be long…I’m no beginner…I’ll be here every night…My name up in lights…The impossible winner……  The Dead Weather



5 thoughts on “The Impossible Winner….

  1. Nothing impossible about it at all! I’m so very happy my path crossed with yours. Your style is so right up my alley, and having read your blog leaves me feeling pretty confident that you can do anything you decide you’re going to do. Find that book inside you! Find your drama queen (in the GOOD way, that is!).

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