Change Something. I Dare You.

Nothing Changes

If you do not like something about your life, don’t sit around, waiting for your life to change….Get off your ass and CHANGE your life!   

I think there is a joke that goes something like this:  There was this guy and his town was flooding. He decided that his faith in God was going to save him.  All of his neighbors left.  They begged the guy to go with him.  “No”, he said, “God will save me.”  A boat came by and the people in the boat begged the guy to get on, and the guy said, “No, My Lord will save me.”  The water got higher and higher and another boat came by. The people on the boat begged the guy to get on the boat and he shook his head adamantly and said, “No! My Lord will save me!”  Finally, the water was up to the guy’s neck.  A helicopter came and they threw down a rope.  People yelled from a loud speaker in the helicopter for the man to grab the rope, but the man yelled back, “No! My Lord will save me!”  The man drowned.  When he got to Heaven, the man asked God why he had not saved him from drowning.  God looked at the man and just shook his head and said, “You idiot! I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter! What more could I have done?!”

This is so very true in life.  We are handed life preservers daily–that we do not grab onto.  They come from many different sources–friends, family, random acts of kindness, whatever.  I challenge you to open your eyes to these.  And to accept them from time to time–without feeling that you have to repay, because so many are offered without strings attached and we don’t even know it.  Open your eyes to change in your life.  

Nothing changes if nothing changes…..

3 Quote Challenge

Thank YOU, Wendy Weir Greater Than Gravity for nominating me for the 3 Quote Challenge! I needed the push to get back to my blog! 😉

Now….I nominate the following wonderful writers for the 3 Quote Challenge:



Beyond Mummy

Post 1-3 quotes daily and then choose 3 other bloggers to do the same! No pressure.  If you choose not to participate, there will be no hurt feelings.  My life is wild and crazy right now and I totally understand if you do not have time to do this! Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your stuff! 😉

3 thoughts on “Change Something. I Dare You.

  1. No problemo with me making change happen. I love “new and different” too well. I believe that there’s a flow to life. If you don’t flow with it, you can get stuck right where you are. I also like the feeling of accomplishment. It’s huge. My beloved always said: “There’s more than one way to skin a catfish.” Her words came with an auditory component. I hear change, and since I like having options, change is much easier to handle.

    Highest and Best

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