It’s the worst sort of ‘blockage’. Okay, so maybe not the worst. LOL.  I surely can think of at least one other blockage that would be far worse, but this one is, at least…. bad …enough ? I have had WRITER’S BLOCK (WB) for about three months now!  I am not talking about ‘just a little bit’ of WB, where I can at least think of a topic or two….I am talking serious, full-blown, nothin’-is-up-there, WRITER’S BLOCK.   Life has been, oh, what is it I am supposed to say? Some positive-flowery bullshit like: “Full and vibrantly brimming with fun, daily learning activities that challenge my children intellectually, physically and emotionally”. When what I really mean is this: “Overloaded. Overslept. Under slept. Meant to work out.  Didn’t work out.  Too many carpools.  Too much laundry. Can’t make it to the grocery store.  Order out too many meals. Don’t remember the last time I vacuumed. Not ashamed to write that last sentence. (Sorry Mothah 😉 Soccer. Piano.  Voice. Choir. Homework. New puppy. Misunderstood by most. Oh, and did I mention work? And that’s a new one this year.  Everything else is not balancing out so well anymore.  Last week, nothing was balancing out, and I was late to work every single day.   Then, as if traffic in the ATL weren’t awful enough….the unimaginable  actually happened:  A huge section of I-85 caught on fire and burned up! Now, you really have no idea what this is like if you do not live in this gargantuan place.    SO….I have been in the car more than usual this week-even though we are on Spring Break. It takes longer to get around town right now.  I can’t even think about what traffic is going to be like next week, when we all go back to school. Basically, thepsychomother has gone a little, well…. psycho…. 😉  I am quite sure that I will get my groove back soon-I just didn’t want you to think I had fallen off the planet.

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  1. Welcome back, Friend! Your days and your brain have been packed lately–thank stars for Facebook! Facebook is fab and all, but I do appreciate the long form prose version of the Psychomother here. Good luck navigating next week, the streets, the dog, life, kids, all of it. I’ll be here waiting to read all about it. xoxo

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