Maybe I am doing something right…

A little over a week ago, on a Friday, when I got home, I decided I would take the dog out for a walk/run.  It would be the first time since I got the dreaded boot off about 3 weeks earlier.  I am really not supposed to be exercising yet, but I cannot stand the extra weight I have put on.  I am flabbier than I have been in years, and while I try to pretend that I don’t give a shit, I do.  I changed into workout clothes and tried to get enthusiastic.  I set out with my bluetooth over-the-ear headphones on, and was holding my giant iPhone 6+ in one hand, and had the dog’s leash in the other.  It did actually cross my mind that this was a recipe for disaster prior to leaving the house, yet I trudged on.  The dog is not really accustomed to walking or running on a regular basis.  I was struggling early on.  I should have just walked.  Par for the course, my phone started blowing up with text messages.  One was from Mini Me.  It said, “Hypothetically, if I were in Athens, could Clint get me a discount at Amici?” Mini Me lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a student at Belmont University.  Just what the hell would he be doing in Athens, Georgia? Never mind that. I texted back, “Hypothetically, you cannot afford to go to Athens, or eat at Amici. And, I can’t talk right now.”  I finally got up to Evans Road, which is the flat part of my route, and I started a slow run. I ignored the texts that came in afterward.  I was surprised that I was able to run at all.  It had literally been months.  It was going well!  The dog was on my left.  We were running up the sidewalk, and apparently I had my music up too loud to hear the truck that was coming up behind me.  The dog moved quickly moved over in front of me and stopped dead.  I tripped over her and face planted into the sidewalk.  My phone bounced and landed about three feet in front of me, along with my bluetooth over-the-ear headphones.  I think I actually bounced on impact.  Luckily, I had wrapped the leash around my arm.  I just laid there on the pavement–I was seeing stars.  I had hit my chin and the left side of my left hand first.  Both arms and both knees were also skinned up badly.  I finally sat up, for fear of who might be driving by.  Then, I realized that if anyone who knew me was actually driving by and did not stop to see if I was okay, that was really shitty on their part.  I finally picked myself up and dusted myself off.  Damn, that hurt a lot worse than it used to when I was a kid!  It took me a minute to get moving.  I picked up my phone off the pavement.  The day before, I had peeled off the nasty, broken screen cover.  Like an idiot.  Now, the screen itself was shattered.  Served me right, I decided.  I picked up my headphones and put them around my neck.  I damn sure wasn’t going to run anymore and wished there was somebody I could call to come pick my ass up and drive me the half mile home.  I decided to call Mini Me.  I need some sympathy–not that he is the one that I regularly call for that! 🙂  He surprised me, though. Mom! Are you okay? Are you sure? I assured him I was fine and thanked him for his concern.  “I need to know something and please be honest,” I said, “are you in Athens?” He did not hesitate. “Yes, ma’am. I came to see Oteil play. I have a good grade in French and my math class was canceled.”  There was no way I could argue with that.  Do you know how many times I went on road trips from Athens, Georgia??? And I can guarandamntee you I did NOT call my Mothah and ask her if could.  AND…I don’t think I would have been honest if she had asked me.  Then…he says this to me….”I called Dad and asked him about it…” I said, “Oh really? And what did Dad say?”… Thinking that Dad had no room to say a word about it just like I didn’t.  “Dad said that I couldn’t call home and ask stuff like that. He said I had to make those decisions for myself.  So since I have a good grade in French and my math class was canceled, I decided to go.”  Damn. I would have gone if I was failing French and Math and neither were canceled, and I would never have called and asked Mothah or Daddy, because I knew what they would both say, and that was this: HELL TO THE NO!  So. In that moment, I was proud.  I was proud of Mini Me, and dammit, I was proud of ME! I must be doing something right!, Right? I mean, he could have been lying his ass off.  I get that. We won’t really know until grades come out.  But, I can have this teeny weeny little time of satisfaction in a job well done, can’t I? Can’t I????


Let me say that I am not stupid. I know that Mini Me is definitely not sitting up in Nashville, reading a Bible and going to bed at 8pm. Please. Why do you think I call him Mini Me? 🤪 Also, notice that the title says “Maybe I am doing something right” not “Maybe I am doing everything right” because GOD KNOWS and I know I certainly am not doing and have definitely not done everything right! Who has? Show me that person so I can beat their ass. Finally, a couple of days after he got home from his little trip to Athens, MM texted me this pic. He said, “Look! I was featured on UGA’s Instagram!” I had to laugh. My kid. I do love him so.

14 thoughts on “Maybe I am doing something right…

  1. Yes you can! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, there’s no better time to get satisfaction from the realization that You You You have accomplished something stellar. Well done!!!

  2. Doing all the right stuff, you–obviously! Well, except for the loud music part (but let’s be honest, who am I to tell anyone not to listen to loud music??). I hope your recovery is quick so you can run the much-deserved parenting victory lap you’ve earned.

  3. Connie B Zachary

    Keep writing! But I sure wish I could hear your stories from the back seat. That year was one of the best to prepare me for the school day.

      1. Naw, that sounds good tho. I’m in the ‘starting gate’ trying to learn how to build a blog.🙏😘
        I’m sure you can get it! Ask if you need some help!

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