Letter 5: Luxor, Karnak, and some 8ft Tall Cats

My daughter and my Mothah….living the dream in EGYPT

Letters From The Nile

Dear Sirs and Madams,

This morning, I woke up bright and early at 5:00 am to make an 8 O’Clock flight from Cairo to Luxor. Once we got there, we hopped on our new buses and made our way to the worlds largest temple complex: The Temple of Karnak. Afterwards, we followed the two-mile-long Avenue of Sphinxes to the Temple of Luxor, before boarding the Sonesta Star Goddess at 1:30.

The temples are known for their extravagant detail – mostly the ginormous pillars flanking the halls, the top of which still have remnants of color. When you look up, bright reds, blues, turquoises, yellows, greens, and occasionally violets color the detailed cartouches, nature scenes, and religious depictions on the walls. It took my breath away. Luxor and other southern cites are much warmer than Cairo- and since theres little shade found in the open-air temples, I had to watch out…

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