I have not written in quite a while, and this is well overdue.  There was just so much to say, and so much not to say.  I would never want you to worry that I had become the Mayor of Crazy Town instead of the Psychomother that I really am.

The Pandemic shell-shocked us, as it did everyone. Our first heartbreak was the realization that the Middle Child would not actually have a formal graduation from high school. “Cry Me a River” was basically our, um, I mean, my, theme song for about three months. I could not stop crying.  I did not handle any of it well at all.

The Middle Child had to take 5 AP tests online, and let’s just say that was a hot mess.

The DeKalb School of the Arts Class of 2020 had to miss their Senior Prom, Senior Awards Night, getting their Senior Year Books and being able to sign them, Musical, Senior Week, Fringe Festival, Senior Locker Decoration, Final Performances at Graduation, and, well, “Graduation” was basically held very casually in the school parking lot, which, in the grand scheme of things seemed better than nothing at all.

There were no graduation parties or grand send-off’s.  

The Middle Child worked so hard for all of her cords, her Beta Club and NHS sashes. I wanted her to be able to walk across the stage and show it all off. I will just show it off here:

(Unfortunately, the National Honor Society sashes has not come in when I took this picture!)

The Middle Child got a great scholarship to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. She was also accepted into the Honors Program.  She decided to defer this year, due to the Coronavirus (and who wants to take theatre classes online?!)  and Point Park has held everything for her until she gets there this coming August.

Meanwhile, she is taking a couple of classes online at GA State, and will likely start as a Sophomore in the fall.  

We spent a few more weeks at the beach this year than we usually do, but it helped take our minds off of things.  

Mini Me has been able to start playing some gigs now that the restrictions have been lifted a little. 

We hardly see The Baby anymore.  He is going to school hybrid and virtual, and then gaming with his double screen get-up that Santa brought. 

JC is working hard from his home office. 

I am trying to keep the drama to a minimum, which, as we all know, is not what I do best 😉 …especially since I turned 50 in October! LOL  

At this point, anything less than pandemonium is acceptable. 



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