Nike 9.5

Today, I took The Baby to Lenox Square.  I cannot stand to go to Lenox Square, but The Baby wanted to go to the Nike store, so we went.

It took us over 20 minutes find a parking place. I’m serious. It is April whatever, 2021, and at 4:30pm, a normal person cannot find a parking spot at Lenox Square. WTF

I think The Baby thought we should leave and go home when we could not find a place to park the car. I said, “I DID NOT DRIVE ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE TO LEAVE AND GO HOME!”

Finally, we found a spot.

When we walked into Lenox, I immediately lost my sense of direction. Maybe they have moved things-maybe it has been too long since I have been there. I KNOW Nike is on the FRONT of the mall. Of course, I took us in the wrong direction immediately.  We went to the complete opposite end of the mall and had to walk all the way back.

It was SO crowded. It’s still COVID! I could not figure out what the attraction was, and I was quite certain I wanted to get the hell out of there ASAP.

We finally made it to Nike.  There was a huge ass line. The Baby said, “ARE YOU FOR REAL?” I said, “Yes, Miss Jackson”. We waited.

Many times, we have set out to the Nike store, only to be disappointed by the selection of shoes they had to offer.  I had not bothered to ask The Baby if he had called and made sure they had what we were looking for. I guess it really did not matter.

I said, “what is the name of the shoe again?” The Baby said something about a blazer or a laser. I could not hear him because it was so damn crowded, AND of course we had on masks.

We stood there for a few minutes…looking a little out of place…not sure why, because I have always been a Nike Girl.

Finally, I spotted the shoe.  “There it is! ” I said.  I think The Baby wanted me to SHUT UP.  He walked right to it. “Alabama colors?” I said.  The Baby assured me it was only because he liked that version of the shoe. He was not choosing Alabama over Georgia.  I did not care at that point.  All I cared about was getting the hell out of there and back to my car.

We asked for an 8.5 and a 9.  Neither fit.  I just bought my 13 year old baby child a size 9.5 Nike shoe.

I am going to need a minute or 5 to process.

4 thoughts on “Nike 9.5

  1. When your babies are growing into adult-size people, the mamas DO need a minute or five–you earned them. ESPECIALLY after having been in line at the Nike store. I don’t think this will help, but the few times I’ve shopped since COVID, all the Nike stores have lines.

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