Click/Boom, Then IT Happened…HAMILTON!

I took my 15 year old daughter to NYC to try to get Hamilton tickets 1 week before the original cast was leaving the show. We slept in the cancellation line for two days...we got in the matinee on the third day....this is our adventure!

Party Like it’s 1776

We are on the plane. The plane of no frills. This is totally fine with me, though I must admit I have never flown on a plane where I had to pay for coffee!


My family just so happens to have these gorgeous cups and saucers that were made especially for Lafayette's second visit to the United States...

The Middle Child

I must introduce you to The Middle Child.  You have met Mini Me and you have sort of met The Baby.  It's simply not fair for me to leave her out, for that is certainly giving power to the middle child syndrome, and I try very, very hard not to feed that.  I do not …

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