My family just so happens to have these gorgeous cups and saucers that were made especially for Lafayette’s second visit to the United States. Mothah refused to let me take one from her home today. I know she thought I would offer it to Lin-Manuel Miranda in return for even a standing-room only ticket to Hamilton. Unfortunately, she was probably right. But hell, who is more deserving of such finery? Miranda is the biggest thing to hit Broadway in like ever. I’d give that damn thing to Lin in a heartbeat if it meant I got to chat him up and see Hamilton! But I’d have had giver’s remorse afterwards, I’m sure.  Well, maybe not… ;). Mothah knows me all too well.  The story goes that my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother, Amelie Nott, was in attendance at this soirée held for Lafayette at the University of South Carolina.  Somehow, Amelie got her paws on these cups and saucers, and somehow, those suckers are still in tact today! My aunt has a letter that documents all of this to be true.  The letter also mentions worry about the items being moved from one house to another. Those people are probably rolling over in their graves right now, knowing The Middle Child and I were just posing for a photo op with that stuff and there were a bunch of little dogs jumping up and down around us! It’s okay. Amelie and her husband, Henry Junius Nott, pictured with the cups and saucers, can rest easy now.  Lafayette’s China is back on the shelf. Sorry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, I tried. History did not have its eyes on me, but Mothah and Aunt Amy sure did.

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