I Promise Not To….

Today I was reminded of something funny. I had to email the principal of The Middle Child's school (who was also the principal of Mini Me's school) to let her know that The Middle Child will miss the entire first week of school in August because she will be finishing up the Berklee School of …

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The Cuckoo’s Nest

...And by 'it', I mean those terribly annoying cosmic forces that sometimes seem to come together, all at once, as one, to work against you and make your day go to hell in a hand bag.....

The Contest (Part 1 of 2)

In August I entered a contest. I never win anything, but the minute I hit the "send" button, I knew I had won.

The Sharpie

Truman was a surprise.  A happy surprise.  I am working on the story that explains the interim between The Middle Child and Truman, but there are 6 years between The Middle Child and Truman and 10 years between Mini Me and Truman.  Truman is really and truly "The Baby" in every sense of the word …

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