I Promise Not To….

Today I was reminded of something funny. I had to email the principal of The Middle Child’s school (who was also the principal of Mini Me’s school) to let her know that The Middle Child will miss the entire first week of school in August because she will be finishing up the Berklee School of Music 5 Week Summer Program. The principal already knew The Middle Child was going, but she has to have it in writing. I typed out the email and then thought to add, “I promise not to enter any contests that might cause The Middle Child to miss anymore school ;)”

When Mini Me went to the Berklee 5 Week, his dad flew up with him and then I flew up to get him and bring him home. This sounds ridiculous, but he had to take more than one guitar and other musical equipment, so if one of us went on each leg of the trip, we could carry on an instrument or whatever. When I got to the airport in Atlanta, I was playing on my phone-checking Facebook and whatnot, and I noticed that Third Man Records was having a contest for Platinum Vault Members–a listening party for 20 people and they could each bring a guest. Guess who happens to be a Platinum Vault Member??? Moi. The Dead Weather was going to be there! That meant that Jack White would be there! I entered and forgot about it because I never win anything. I arrived in Boston and went to my hotel. I went to the gym, came back to my room and showered. I was drying my hair when I thought to check my email. I HAD WON A SPOT AT THE LISTENING PARTY! Yes, I have written about this before. I won’t bore you with it again, but I will say that one of the hardest, most uncomfortable phone calls I have ever had to make was to the principal….to tell her that Mini Me was not actually coming to school on Monday of the second week of school, because that’s when the listening party was. She was very understanding and kind about it. Mini Me and I flew back to Boston and then re-packed and drove to Nashville. He was at school on Tuesday. It was totally worth it. I just don’t want to push my luck 😉

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