I am writing this post while JC is driving us home from the beach. I cannot believe it is July 3. What I cannot believe even more is that I am actually whisking The Middle Child off to NYC on a wild goose chase for Hamilton tickets at 6:10am tomorrow! Spontaneity is not exactly my strong suit….perhaps that is changing? I would like to make a few things crystal clear about our trip. We do not have tickets for Hamilton. We will enter the digital lottery, live lottery, and cancellation line and hope for the best. I am not a relative of John D. Rockefeller. Tickets are going for around $1790 each and up currently–may be more-I have not checked today. The 3 main characters leave on July 9. We are going to sleep outside the Richard Rodgers Theater with God only knows how many other desperate obsessed people. 100% totally safe.  We do have a place to shower and sleep and hang out during the day!  ❤️ 

What we need from you is this:  Please reblog, repost, repin, retweet, reWTFever social media you use : #ATL2Lin_Manuel and if you are feeling extra generous, please tag @lin_manuel  @leslieodomjr @philippasoo and @DaveedDiggs as well as @jboyanton (me) and @eliza_boyanton

*Making the #hashtag trend/go viral will bring attention to us, and possibly get us some attention from the cast!!! Please help us!!! And please ask your friends to help us!!

THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️

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