Affair in Times Square #ATL2Lin_Manuel

Time for an update! I know you have been waiting with bated breath! 😂 The Middle Child and I have now been sitting on sleeping bags on top of the sidewalk in front of the Richard Rodgers Theater for about 8 hours. I’m not gonna lie. It’s not fabulous. I should tell you that where we are and what we are doing is called Hamilcamp, and it ain’t for the weary! About every 5 minutes, somebody walks by and says, Do you mind if I ask what you all are waiting on? To me, this seems self-explanatory…yet the questions keep on coming. Also, I’m not accustomed to this you all business. I’m a y’all girl all the way.  This you all shit is just a constant reminder that Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore, and it’s starting to make me feel a little homesick since I’m running on fumes.  Some of the people sitting in line got tired of answering said question and they made this sign.  Occasionally, when nobody is in the mood to answer said question, we just point to said sign😂  

Let it be said that everyone has been extremely nice. We have had several people even offer to go get us water and snacks. Right after we arrived, I went and got us Starbucks.   Other than that, we had nothing to eat until I got off my ass about 3:45 and went to Walgreen’s.  I will be the first to admit that I cannot read a damn map. Even if it is on my phone, moving a little person up a street in a line. Needless to say, I took a nice little tour of Times Square. Did I say Times Square? I simply detest Times Square! Let me counteth the ways….I hate crowds. The 4th of July really is no different than any other day in NYC, except, as Mini Me pointed out to me in a text earlier, that the NYFD was all in Atlanta today for a parade! Mini Me said he sure did hope we did not need the NYFD today😂 NYC is always crowded, and so is Times Square; however, today there were some girls who were naked, but for a g-string and a headband of red, white, and blue feathers, and their torsos were painted red, white, and blue.  They were showing their Patriotism all over Times Square, asking everyone who passed by if didn’t they want a photo with them? Um….HELL to the NO. Elmo was there too-jumping around with those naked Patriots.  I was feeling extremely claustrophobic.  I finally made it to the Walgreen’s, where I purchased $70 worth of shit-mostly because my blood sugar was so low by the time I got there, I was starting to shake.  I realize this is too much information, but this morning, I drank a venti black tea lemonade from Starbucks. There is no toilette out on the sidewalk, and I had been holding it for hours.  I knew the Marriott would let me use their bathroom-I just had to figure out which way to go.  Again, I failed at the map reading and had to turn around twice😂 during which time I ran into Buddha, who wanted to pray with me, and an angry Chinese lady who was handing out pamphlets about The Rapture. I was quickly regretting buying all the shit at Walgreens-the bags were cutting into my left forearm.  I finally made it to the Marriott. Thank God.  Unfortunately, I could not locate the damn bathroom, so I had to ask the concierge, who then wanted to know if I was a guest of the hotel. I took my sunglasses off and looked at that man square in the eye. Mr., I have been awake since 2:45 am. My daughter and I flew in from Atlanta this morning to camp out for Hamilton tickets and first of all, these damn Walgreen’s bags are about to cut my left arm off and second of all, I am about to wet my pants and your floor. Please. For the love of God, can I just use the bathroom?  He smiled at me. It’s on the 8th floor, he said.  Then I am sure he watched as I got on the elevator with a lady and her kids and we went all the way up to the GD 39th floor because, since I was not a hotel guest, I did not know that I had to punch in the floor number on the outside of the fucking elevator!!!! When I made it to the 8th floor, it took me a good 5 minutes to locate the bathroom.  When I went to wash my hands, I audibly gasped when I caught my reflection in the mirror.  Having been sober almost 14 years, I had forgotten what I look like when I have been awake more than 24 hours! I looked completely strung out.  I had been wearing my smaller sunglasses, but this! OMG. This called for the big guns. I put those little things away and got out my great big sunglasses.  Unfortunately for me, those damn things are so dark, I could then not figure out how to make the damn elevator get back down to the first floor, and I wasn’t willing to remove the sunglasses and put my regular glasses back on, and thus had to take the damn escalator down 8 flights! Then, I got turned around yet again, and went around the block!!! All total, I was gone about an hour and a half, and I was about 2.5 blocks away-if that. It’s me, people. Go figure. But what just happened, was unreal. Some people who came by and talked to us earlier today, just came back-specifically to me and The Middle Child. They said, this is for the nice Mom from Atlanta! Since you are from Atlanta, we brought you a Coke and a Diet Coke! I. Love. Those. People. ❤️❤️❤️ And they didn’t even say, “but you do look like you are high and strung out!” Click💣boom.

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      1. My bladder, back, feet, knees and the rest of me would never make it! My hat is off to you and your mirror image daughter. Lol, she really does look like you.

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