Good morning from the Big Apple! I must say that The Middle Child and I did just fine for Day 1 of Hamilcamp. Let me explain how it all works at night. If your place in line lands you outside the overhang of the Richard Rodgers Theater awning, which ours does, you go across the street to sleep under the awning of Finding Neverland. This is not a bad thing, because you cannot hear the video screens that run from The Church of Scientology 24/7.  Unfortunately, The Middle Child got about 3 hours of sleep. I, on the other hand, take medication that allows me to sleep like a baby, under any and all conditions. This proved to be most beneficial last night, as I was on the concrete, inside The Baby’s Lightning McQueen child sized sleeping bag, which was stuffed inside a Hefty cinch sack, since it was blowing rain.

Some of our new friends woke us up around 7am and let us know that earlier this morning, this asshat and his daughters had broken in line where the split was between the sleepers under the Richard Rodgers awning and those of us who were across the street. 

He was told how the line works and refuses to move. Since the theater does not endorse or support Hamilcamp, we cannot make a huge stink over it; however, Psychomother that I am, I went up to him and told him that I flew up here with my daughter yesterday and got here at 9:00AM and WE are numbers 21 and 22 and it is going to stay that way! He just looked at me. Some people have heard his daughters tell him they need to move. He refuses. We are banning together.  Someone said that this guy from the theater is on our side and is coming to do an official headcount and he will use the list. Stay tuned for further news! We are ONE! WE ARE HAMILCAMP!


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