Good Morning from Hamilcamp! #ATL2Lin_Manuel

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday, and that means it’s Ham for Ham day. This is when part of the cast of Hamilton comes out and does a little skit and there is a live lottery for matinee tickets. I’m told it is a complete and total clusterfuck, with about 3,000 people out here in front of the Richard Rodgers Theater. You know how I feel about crowds…So…last night, The Middle Child and I booked it on out to Pelham on the train to take the World’s Greatest Shower at the home of our friends, the Kapplows. Jon has been one of JC’s friends since college and was in our wedding.  We don’t get to see him and his wife Nancy very often, but thank God they are the type of friends that we have known so long that we can call (or text) and say I’m coming to NYC to sleep on the street, can I please come shower at your house randomly? And they just automatically say by all means, yes, without hesitation. Jon picked us up at the train station and announced that he had left the car windows down, to which we both instantly replied GOOD! thinking he meant because we smelled so badly. He started laughing and said we had not let him finish. He had left the car windows down and it had rained and then it had gotten hot and the car smelled badly is what he was trying to say! We told him we were quite sure we wouldn’t notice and neither would he! So we showered and repacked our backpacks and left our suitcase at their house and rode the train back to Hamilcamp. There were a lot of people milling about, waiting on the actors to come out-they never did. We were finally able to do a head count. The Middle Child and I are #17. Some people got a hotel room across the street and asked The Middle Child if she wanted to sleep on the floor. She asked if I minded. Hell no! I said. Poor thing had 3 hours of sleep the night before. I’m the psychomother. I will sleep on the sidewalk! So, last night, the Church of Scientology kept me awake most of the night with their dual video screens with sound that run continuously. But, right before I went to bed, I got to see Pam, a Hamilcamper, mom of 3, who made it in last night. She got an unclaimed lottery seat for $199! Her eyes were still glistening as she told a small group of us how wonderful it was. She cried through most of it. Lin winked at her. OH. MY. GOD. This is where I simply die! I was so very happy for her.  I went to sleep feeling a little less helpless and a little more hopeful that it will happen for us.

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning from Hamilcamp! #ATL2Lin_Manuel

  1. 17 is better than 21 in line, and there is always hope, sister! I haven’t physically waited in line for tickets since 1989, but I remember the collective spirit and feeling of solidarity with my line-mates, and PS–it was totally worth it. It’s fun to read that you’re finding goodness in the masses! Except for that one guy. THAT guy? The SSLJ (scum-sucking line jumper) has got. to. go. #ATL2Lin_Manuel

      1. Well, OK then. He’s gone from the collective. Buh-bye. Analyzing the trend, the math is looking pretty solid for you and Eliza getting in though. Really enjoying the updates–living vicariously through the internet here.

      2. That is how I am choosing to view it! Optimistically! I am still hesitant to get excited, though! Thank you for all of your help and support!!❀️ Are you on FB?

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