Wait For It, Wait For It #ATL2Lin_Manuel

1:30pm update….Mack daddy battery pack decided to work again! The day is looking up! I sent The Middle Child to Starbucks when my lack-of-caffeine headache got unbearable.  They accidentally gave us venti frappucinos, but charged us for grande. Most people would be thrilled at this mistake, but I hate it when they do this! I do not want the extra calories, dammit! And, I don’t have the will power to throw it out! Ugh! Oh, the struggles!😂 A few of us went to The Paramount Hotel and hijacked their lobby restroom to freshen up.  A sponge bath and a change of clothes does wonders after spending the night on the sidewalk in a child sized Lightning McQueen sleeping bag that’s inside a Hefty Cinch Sack-let me tell you!  The line breaker asshat and his daughters are still here. The digital lottery ends at 4:00pm and then they will start coming out to try to sell us the Premium $544 seats that are available.  Most people will hold out for $200 seats.  I just got back from a restroom run to The Marriott, and was relieved that today, I don’t look high😂 I was also excited to find my very favorite Voss Sparkling Water in the Marriott gift shop, yet a bit less enamored to pay $4.99 for it, alas….I did it anyway….. Go figure😂 It’s me we are talking about here, People. Until later…..

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