Party Like it’s 1776

  • Happy 4th of July!!  If you have been following, The Middle Child and I are on our way to NYC, to camp out on the sidewalk, outside the Richard Rodgers Theater to try to get tickets to Hamilton before three of the main characters leave on July 9.  We realize the odds are not in our favor, but we are in it for the experience of it all….the thrill, if you will….We are on the plane. The plane of no frills. This is totally fine with me, though I must admit I have never flown on a plane where I had to pay for coffee! I can’t figure out how to make my seat recline, either. I am sitting in the middle; The Middle Child lolling about from side to side on my right-in the window seat. She is 3/4 asleep, headphones in, trying hard not to rest her face on the window because it has someone else’s make-up smudged on it, and I did not have a Kleenex for her to clean it off with! Like that would have satisfactorily sanitized it! There is a teenaged boy asleep on my left, also with headphones in his ears. His head is leaning towards my left shoulder, as if he might merge on over and rest it there at any moment…Let’s hope not😂 Lots of other passengers are asleep.  This is a very early flight. It left at 6:10am. I have been up since 2:45am….We are very excited, though, and I am pretty sure that The Middle Child and I could survive this jaunt on adrenaline alone if we had to, though we will definitely hit Starbucks on the way to the Richard Rodgers Theater!
  • Stay tuned for some video later on!
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