It WAS All Good.

Nothing was going to keep me away, and I. Meant. NOTHING. I had been looking forward to this blessed event for several months. I did not care what happened, I was going. My brother and sister in law joined us. The Middle Child and The Baby were perfectly fine, staying at home and babysitting the nephdogs (this is one of the perks of children getting older).

Original Shirt Found…

A couple of days before, I found my original t-shirt. We took pictures of it and posted them on Facebook. There was no way I would actually wear it. It was a bit thin and not exactly white anymore. There were only a handful of those shirts made, and I wonder how many actually still exist. My brother was only too happy to wear it for me!

A Night to Remember…if that was possible 😉 (of course it was)

It ended up being a blissful night-one I cannot completely describe to you. My ex-step-sister of 30 years, Doola, came. We partied like it was 1991. Okay, not really. What I mean by that is that we let our hair down and we danced and screamed like it was 1991 and we were at The Georgia Theater in Athens, Georgia, hearing The Allgood Music Company on any Friday night. I felt 21 again. Corky Jones was up there on stage at The Vista Room, with his short hair, but that is not how I saw him. I saw him with his long hair, hat, and his cowboy boots. Lord have mercy, or as Doola would say, “He sure is one tall drink o’ watah”.

We remembered EVERY word….

Friends from UGA that I had not seen in a while were there-with us-screaming our heads off on the front row. We knew every word to every single song. You won’t be forgiven if they find out you’ve been livin’ in the Funky House….. Or Then you’ll have to face yourself alone….someday you’ll have to face yourself alone…. And of course the favorite…Well bless my soul, it’s time to roll…I got to move before I get too old!

The next day, I almost had no voice at all. It was so totally worth it. I think I had “Allgood let down” for a few days-because I had been looking so forward to it and now it was over.

The Next Generation….

I knew that Mini Me had the opportunity to see Allgood in Nashville the following weekend, and I offered to buy him tickets. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be in town or not. By Friday, the day of the show, he was texting me that he was going to see Allgood. His Dad and I were at the Braves game when Mini Me started texting me. I told him to be sure and wait and meet the band and that he must tell them that his mother was and is their biggest fan. I was getting a lot of “LOL” responses from him. I told him to try to talk to Corky and remind him that my brother and I had talked to Corky after the Vista Room show, and my brother had worn my original t-shirt.

A little while later, while I was texting with Mini Me, I got a text from my BFF. It said, “I guess you don’t care about the Braves changing pitchers LOL. I just saw you on tv and you were on your phone!” Mini Me and his photo with Corky was far more important to me. I received this photo and this caption: “He told me to tell you hey and he really enjoyed the Vista show a bunch!” I cared a WHOLE lot more about reading THAT than I cared about the Braves’ pitcher change! 😉 Allgood Music Company, I have loved you since 1987. My wifi router is named for you. My children have grown up listening to Ride the Bee. YOU ROCK. You always have, always will. Thank you for your music. Thank you for all the good times-I will never forget them. Thank you, Corky, for being kind to my kid! (How in the hell am I old enough to even say that??????) #allgood #corkyjones

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